This financial services company came to GES when they were presented with complaint records from the State Attorneys General of 24 states, including complaints of inaccurate and incomplete information on a large number of transactions.  The company was asked to locate the complete information for these transactions in its transactional database of more than 200 million records, update and/or supplement any inaccurate or missing data points, and submit a summary report on all identified transactions to the State Attorney General Offices of those 24 states.

GES  was tasked with preparing and cleaning the company’s transactional database, identifying the listed complaint records, updating or supplementing inaccurate or missing data points, and summarizing identified complaint records.  Our team quickly and efficiently imported, examined, cleaned, and compiled the company’s 200 million records with SAS; developed alternative transaction matching algorithms based on mixes of available data points; applied alternative transaction matching algorithms to the 200 million records by developing a series of SAS macro programs; identified possible matches and decided on best matches for further examination;  combine all identified transaction records;  summarized all identified transaction records by time and state; and drafted a project report for the company.  The results of GES’s research were shared with various State Attorneys General’s offices and helped to facilitate an amicable resolution of the State Attorneys General’s concerns.


The company was cleared of 99.99% of transactions listed in the complaint records and received positive feedbacks from all 24 states on their efforts in cooperating with the states on the subject matter.