Our Economic Analysis group provides economic and analytical support to attorneys engaged in issues involving economic and quantitative analyses. The group’s areas of expertise include economic consulting, quantitative analysis, litigation, and regulatory support.  They work closely with Kelley Drye’s  This includes research and analysis involving antitrust/trade regulation, advertising law/consumer protection, intellectual property, and environment and energy regulations.

Areas of Expertise

Economic Consulting
Quantitative Analysis
Litigation/Regulatory Support

Major Practice Areas

Antitrust/Trade Regulations
Advertising Law & Consumer Protection
Intellectual Property
Environmental and Energy Regulations


  • Staff includes former employees of the U.S. General Accounting Office, Department of Energy, Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Commerce.
  • More than 25 years of experience analyzing complex economic theories and sharpening litigation strategy.
  • Extensive knowledge of economic, econometric, and statistical theory.
  • Broad experience valuing intellectual property, public and private companies, and pensions.
  • Extensive consulting experience on matters involving advertising, antitrust, breach of contract, consumer protection, damages estimation, intellectual property, trade, government policy, auction design, environmental law, and telecommunication regulations.

Industries Represented

The many industry groups we have represented include the following:


Chemicals Internet security services Supermarkets
Cleaning supplies Nails Tax preparation
Coal Orthopedic medical devices Telecommunications
Commercial fisheries Over-the-counter drugs and supplements Threads
Convenience stores Paint Tobacco
Fertilizers Petroleum coke Vacuum cleaners
Gasoline marketing Petroleum services equipment Varnish
Graphite electrodes Radio advertising Vitamins and weight-loss supplements
Herbicides Ready-to-eat cereals and breakfast foods Yarn
Industrial gasses Spark-plug wires
Internet advertising Steel