Georgetown Economic Services has substantial experience conducting U.S. and international industrial and market research. GES international market research provides valuable, hard-to-obtain information on specific foreign competitors.

GES also has experience in designing customized surveys to evaluate industry conditions and trends. We offer a variety of data and market analysis formats that can be customized to meet the needs of individual clients. Our market and industry studies are designed to meet rigorous evidentiary standards.


  • Conduct U.S. industrial and market research for trade associations, industry coalitions, and individual corporate clients in the industrial, consumer, and agribusiness sectors.
  • Gather sensitive information on individual corporate competitors in foreign markets in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, targeting distribution channels, costs of production, manufacturing processes, domestic market pricing, sales terms, production capacity expansions, and investment plans.
  • Design customized surveys to evaluate industry health by tracking relevant trade and financial indicators.
  • Develop data on industry-wide sales, domestic consumption, and market shares for trade associations and producer coalitions.